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Leemons has everything the community needs for teaching and learning

Dozens of features designed to transform students and teachers into high-performance teams.


These are the foundations with which you will reach new horizonts


For educational success

Leemons is the end-to-end solution that has everything you need to design the best learning in your institution.

More than 40 tools and 100% customizable

Integrated into a single platform, with a simple interface that you can customize to suit your organization.

Fully APIfied

To grow with new functionalities and integrations with your current platforms. You will also be able to access your institution's data via API to analyze it in your favorite BI tool.

Risk-free testing

Keep working with your current platform while you test Leemons. We offer a completely free freemium version. And if you need more, talk to our sales team to request an extended pilot.

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360 Collaboration

The ultimate tool

A whole ecosystem of tools to plan, communicate, organize, manage knowledge, define and share objectives. Leemons is ready to assist you in the use of active teaching methodologies, facilitating collaboration and teamwork.

Alerts and notifications

Alerts and notifications improve learner engagement and autonomy. They provide users with an instant way to stay up to date on their training, ensuring a seamless and dynamic learning experience.

Calendars and schedules

Efficient time management becomes a complete experience: from the personalisation of the school calendar to the allocation of classrooms or virtual rooms. Everything can be accessed at a glance.

Learning community

Create inspiring work groups, and transform the learning process into an enriching and collective experience with spaces for the exchange of ideas, problem solving and dialogue to achieve academic and personal success.

Messaging and feedback

A real-time communication system both inside and outside the classroom so that everyone is aligned. It promotes constant feedback, continuous improvement and generates greater autonomy for work teams and students in general.


Tailored to your organization

Leemons is suitable for any type of training and learning process, regardless of the type of institution: schools, universities, business schools, companies... They all fit in Leemons.
100% customizable
The platform can be adapted to your institutional image in a fast and intuitive way. But if you need more, its front-end system, developed in a completely modular way, allows you to adapt Leemons to your needs, whatever they may be.
Always up to date
Leemons is a startup with a philosophy of continuous innovation. That's why we not only offer you new features on a regular basis, but we also review and improve the existing ones to make them your favorite tools.
No matter the size of your institution, Leemons adapts to you, with basic plans that you can upgrade to level up when your training needs it. And with guaranteed reliable response at key moments, so you don't have to worry about the technology.
Atomic learning design

A modular system for designing content

Leemons focuses on the atomic learning design: it decomposes the educational process into fundamental units, allowing for detailed understanding and efficient personalization for each student.

Conceptual illustration of the atomic learning design system: content cards for a learning pathway.
Content library

Easily create content with text, images and video, and keep them organized in a multimedia document manager where you can find them quickly with a multi-criteria system based on tags.

Assignment system

Get the most out of your content, using universal learning design (ULD) with the flexible assignment system: assign tasks automatically, by tags or manually to adapt to special needs.

Assessment and feedback

Assess knowledge quantitatively, qualitatively, by objectives and by activity. Generate question banks and automatically create hundreds of different tests. Create satisfaction surveys focused on continuous improvement.

Learning paths

Personalize learning to the fullest by creating learning paths tailored to the needs of each learner: difficulty levels, blocking content and more, to create unique learning experiences.

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