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The digital solution that allows you to implement the most innovative teaching methodologies, with the support you need to address diversity in the classroom.

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Why use Leemons in your school?

Leemons is the experiential learning platform (LXP) where learning really happens.

Attention to diversity

An ecosystem that allows you to tailor learning paths to each student, taking into account their individual needs. Ensuring that no one is left behind has never been easier.

Data-driven decisions

Leemons has an extensive model for collecting information on learning processes. View your reports in the dashboards and make better informed decisions, without extra effort.

Communicate like never before

All the center's messaging in one place as accessible as the apps on your cell phone. Communicate with students, faculty and families, and always have all your messages at hand


Schools that learn

Track the progress of tasks, measure the outcome of your content, validate which strategies work for each group, subject, learning style and difficulty. Discover new metrics to create action plans adapted to every type of learner. All with a single click.

Discover at a glance the evolution of the group based on each type of content or task.

Individual progress

Key indicators to understand the progress of each student and know in real time how their learning is going.


The library you were waiting for

Store all your content and activities in one place, organized by subject and with a powerful tagging system for methodology, categories, difficulty... Grow your resources from year to year and effortlessly adapt your sessions to each new group
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