When the right people come together at the perfect time

In May 2021, Lula de León and Johan Sosa joined forces to found Leemons, an Edtech startup with a clear purpose: to transform technology for education and make it accessible to everyone.

Mock up of simulated chat conversation between Lula and Johan:
- Hi, Johan. I had an idea I would like to discuss with you
- Oh, oh, it looks like you´re going to hook me up in a new adventure.
Our Mission

Beyond technology

Woman with down syndrome working in a coffee shop serving a customer. Conceptual images of Leemons on the image.
Educational institutions face difficulties in digitizing their processes. And the teaching community has become saturated with so many different tools.
Leemons is the flexible and scalable data-driven learning platform designed to be really easy to use.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution that goes beyond technology, helping teachers and students to acquire digital competencies to face the future with a greater guarantee of success.

Purpose Driven

At Leemons, we believe in productivity, high performance, continuous innovation, agility, flexibility, cutting-edge technology, collaboration, teamwork and continuous improvement. These principles are the foundation of our vision, guiding every step towards digital transformation and constant improvement in education.

Creation of opportunities

We believe that education is the most important way to create opportunities. And technology is the way to do it at scale.

Open Innovation

Leemons is fair code (open source), free to everyone forever, so that our technology gets to where it is needed the most.

Commitment to diversity

Leemons has a strong self-critical DNA: our users are not us with our privileges. We work for diversity.

BCorp Responsibility

Leemons is not only a social impact project, we also advocate for the regeneration of our environments. That is why our team is Net Zero.

Infinite players

A senior team of multidisciplinary professionals

We have a broad background in technology, digital product design and teaching, we are united by our passion for what we do: build a different place for educational technology.
Photo of the 13 professionals that are part of the Leemons team as of February 2024.
Our investors

Backed by the best VCs in Spain, Israel and Mexico

We have not come this far alone. In addition to an incredible team, Leemons has private investment from top tier, venture capital funds that believe in the power of education to change lives and the power of technology to educate at scale.


Leemons was born in May

We received our first round of funding from Friends & Family and four small Smart capital funds. We only have a Powerpoint, a dream team and a valuation of €1.5MM. We start product development

Polo Ruiz Investments
Vides Private Equity


Second preseed round

We launch the Open Source version. Our shareholders trust again in the project. Two business angels investors join us and we receive an ENISA loan from the Spanish government.


Round seed closed in December

Led by Swanlaab, and accompanied by impact funds and a large Mexican educational fund. A family office joins and our shareholders follow. We launch our SaaS and reach a valuation of €5.8MM.

Binomial investments