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Leemons is the digital solution that allows you face all your current and future challenges thanks to better results in any training process you can imagine for your team.

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Why use Leemons in your company?

Leemons is the flexible, easy-to-integrate Learning Experience Platform (LXP) designed to unleash the full potential of your team. You can assess your employees' skills, create personalized learning paths, monitor progress and propose new training based on data.

Tailor training to each person

An ecosystem that allows you to adapt and customize the learning paths of each member of your team, taking into account their own needs: language, content, assessments, tasks and much more.

Unleash the power of collaborative learning

Leemons allows learners and trainers to learn in a collaborative and agile way. Take control of progress with a Kanban board that allows you to stay on track.

Measure, analyze and optimize your training plans

A data system that allows you to measure, visualize and analyze every interaction within the platform. Measure what works and what doesn't and make better informed decisions. Evaluate your team's skills and detect areas for improvement.

Ongoing communication and feedback

Receive feedback on activities and assessments to adapt them to what your team needs. Provide direct feedback and facilitate collaboration like never before: peer reviews, role playing, discussions, projects, cases...

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More commitment and better results

Hombre el oficina trabajando con ordenador. Sobre la imagen, Montaje conceptual de  alertas de Leemons.
With Leemons you can create training plans that are truly tailored to the skills needed to fulfill different career plans, both in hard skills and soft skills.
Automated follow-up

Set up alerts, permissions and other notifications: keep your organization up to date on available programs and activate their learning process.

Individual progress

Analyze key indicators to see the progress of each person, know in real time how their learning is going and improve the training content.

Without learninG a new tool

High-performance training

Can you imagine having a platform that does not force you to adapt to the way it works? Leemons has an interface designed just like the tools you already use on a daily basis in your company, intuitive and with little effort of adoption, with immediate return from the very first moment.
Pantallazo de funcionalidades Kanban y Comunica de Leemons.
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