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Leemons is the data-centric digital solution that enables continuous innovation. Making informed decisions becomes easy and helps institutions to focus on their students' learning.

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Why use Leemons in your institution?

Leemons is the flexible, easy-to-integrate Learning Experience Platform (LXP) designed to prepare your students for the digital challenges of the job market, without extra effort.

Unleash the power of collaborative learning

Leemons allows students and teachers to learn in a collaborative and agile way. Take control of the progress with a Kanban board that allows you to always be on top of your game.

Personalizes learning for each student

An ecosystem that allows you to adapt the learning paths of your students, taking into account the diversity of the class, wherever they are, wherever they go. Leemons is adaptable so that no one is left behind.

Measure and analyze everything that happens

A data system that allows you to measure, visualize and analyze every interaction within the platform. Measure what works and what doesn't and make better informed decisions.

A new way to communicate
in 360º

A real-time communication system both inside and outside the classroom so that everyone is aligned. Promotes constant feedback, continuous improvement and generates greater autonomy for work teams and students in general.


Continuous monitoring

Visualize task progress, measure the outcome of your designs, validate which strategies work for each group, subject, learning style and difficulty. Discover new metrics to create action plans adapted to each type of learner. All with a single click.

Discover at a glance the evolution of the group based on each type of content or task.

Individual progress

A student who is aware of his or her areas of improvement is able to make decisions to advance his or her learning.


Leemons evolves with your institution

Leemons is cutting-edge technology, data-centric and constantly expanding. To this end, we work together with the institutions, meeting the needs of teachers, students and management team with a roadmap that guarantees new functionalities that solve the pain points in the learning processes
Imagen del interfaz de la herramienta Kanban (tablero de gestión de tareas bajo metodología ágil) de Leemons
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